Best tips for ‘Garden Warfare 2’: How to win

Two years ago, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare brought one of the most popular mobile games into the realm of shooters. It wisely made the genre accessible to those casual fanswith streamlined controls, a sunny art style, and lots of goofiness.

Now, fans can return to the battle between the natural and undead worlds in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.The sequel is still a good option for players making a first foray into the genre, but even the more experienced shooter fans may want aprimer on what to expect in the backyard. Here are some tips to get you fully prepped for some adorably lethal action.

1. Try Super Brainz or Kernel Corn first

For brand-new players who aren’t sure where to start among the new characters, Super Brainz is probably the most versatile zombie.The dual ranged and melee main attacks are both forgiving in terms of accuracy, and the vortex special ability is a powerful way to get outof a tight corner.

On the plant side, Kernel Corn is the most classic of the newcharacters, an all-around solid pick. Like Super Brainz, it has apowerful attack for escaping mobs of baddies. Add extra firepowerfrom the missiles or the butter airstrike, and you have strong toolsto help press the advantage in combat.


pvz garden warfare 2


As you find your footing, though, each of the other characters have somepowerful options. Citron is hard to kill and Rose can manage thebattlefield with crowd control. The Imp’s small size makes it atricky moving target while Captain Dreadbeard can strike from afar.

2. Don’t forget alternate abilities

The original Garden Warfare took its time rolling out special attacks. You had to unlock all three for each class and got a video focused on the new skill. In this sequel, there is a splashy video that shows all three special skills, but not how to control or execute them. It’s best to find a chill game mode to experiment with your attacks and how they can complement each other.

Also, the game doesn’t explain that some abilities have additional controls or power-ups. For instance, two of the new zombie classes have different main attacks depending on whether they’re zoomed in or not. That means Super Brainz and Captain Dreadbeard can throw down at close and long range — just decide whether or not to look down your scope. Citron also has additional controls for its ball mode, allowing for mobility and damage. Even though the action can get chaotic mid-game, sneak a peak at the controls in the lower right corner of your HUD to make sure you know all the skills at your command at any given time.

3. Infinite ammo still has a cooldown

Some of your hero options have main attacks with infinite ammo. If that weapon is any type of gun, though, “infinite” does still have some restrictions. Both Citron’s orange beam and the heroic beam for Super Brainz will overheat if you sit on the trigger for too long. So even though you don’t need to reload, you’ll still need to take pauses.

pvz garden warfare screen


Super Brainz has unlimited punches for his melee heroic fists, but those attacks have pacing built in. It’s a triple-hit that ends on a big uppercut. The zombie takes a quick breather before he can continue pummelling, even if you’re still pressing the trigger.Plan accordingly.

4. Stickers (and coins) are your friends

Given the casual origins of the mobile Plants vs.Zombies game, one might assume that a mechanic of coinsand stickers are just cosmetic. Think again. The stickers, boughtwith in-game coins, include a range of content that can have a bigimpact on your gameplay options.

First, they contain the small minions that help you out inGraveyard Ops or Garden Ops missions, as well as the central flagcontrol game. Those can offer a big boost, especially when you’replaying solo. Second, they have alternate costume pieces for each ofthe heroes. Again, these aren’t just for show. These alternateidentities can include different weapons and skill upgrades. Forinstance, you can turn Rose’s attacks into frosty, slowing ones, orCaptain Dreadbeard can become a more damaging fire attacker. Besideslooking cool, these customizations can give you a little extra edgein the multiplayer matches.

Just about any activity in the game can reward you with coins. So keep playing and keep up with buying packs.

pvz garden warfare 2


5. Check the Quest Board regularly

Garden Warfare 2 puts more responsibility onplayers to manage their progress through the levels than itspredecessor. The good news is that with this model, you can level upquickly by choosing the quests that match the characters and gamemodes you enjoy the most. Those quests offer experience mutipliersand stars, an in-game currency for unlocking special reward chests.

The flip side of that player agency is that you’re in charge ofkeeping your quest log full. You can have as many as seven activequests at any time. More completed quests means faster leveling andmore access to chests.

6. Explore and play the main map

Rather than spending time in lots of menus, GardenWarfare 2 has created an open-ended main map where playerscan direct their own session. With hubs for the solo quests,character selection, splitscreen, multiplayer and more, there’splenty to explore and play in the main areas for the zombies andplants.

But don’t forget to wander outside the strongholds. The flagcontrol game at the center is a great way to test your skills andearn coins. Plus you may find chests or quests hidden around the map.These can offer big rewards fof coins or stickers, which, as we’veexplained, further your characters’ awesomeness.

7. Read the in-game tips

Finally, the in-game tips appear at the bottom of the screenduring loading. Some of them just emphasize the universe’s oddballsense of taco- and brain-fueled humor, but others have good insightsto help your game strategy. For instance, did you know that the Imp’smech is more susceptible to Citron’s shock attack? Stay alert inthe down time and you may just learn something valuable.

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